Woman Died a Hero, Shielded Rabbi from Deranged Gunman in CA Synagogue

April 30, 2019Apr 30, 2019

The nation has been in mourning since the tragic news broke about a mass shooting that took place at a California place of worship over the weekend. Now, details about the horrific event are coming out.

According to reports, an armed gunman stormed the Chabad of Poway, a Jewish synagogue located just north of San Diego. He began to fire on innocent people inside and took aim at the rabbi.

However, one woman sacrificed herself to save the life of those around her. Lori Kaye is now being hailed as a hero.

"The 60-year-old woman was at the Chabad of Poway, located in a suburban city north of San Diego, on Saturday when accused gunman John Earnest, 19, opened fire inside during Passover service, officials said. Witnesses recalled Kaye jumping in front of rabbi Yisroel Goldstein to shield him from the bullets — a heroic move that family and friends said embodied her life values," reported Fox News.

Her family and friends recently gathered to lay her to rest. It was a heartbreaking moment that was only eased by the profound proudness everyone felt thanks to Lori's selfless actions.

"Kaye was described as a 'pioneer, founding member' of the congregation who was dedicated to going out of her way to help others. Those who knew her recalled Kaye driving hours to visit a sick friend and buying six months’ worth of medication for a person who didn’t have insurance," wrote Fox News.

Hundreds of people gathered for her memorial service. City officials and police leaders were also in attendance. Her rabbi also spoke during her memorial service. Prior to her memorial, Goldstein spoke out about what a close friend Lori was to him. 

“She’s just such a dear friend. I’ve known her for 33 years and I’m just so heartbroken and saddened by the senseless killing,” Goldstein said

The rabbi said he was shocked by the entire incident and doesn't know why the Lord spared him in the shooting. Please join us in praying for everyone who was affected by this tragedy. Share your prayers as well in the comments section of our Facebook page. 

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