Woman Announces 'Free House' in Minnesota, But There's a Reason Why

May 03, 2019May 03, 2019

A woman in Minnesota is offering a house for free to anyone who wants it! The news sounds too good to be true! It has made headlines across the nation.

Now, more details are being released about the offer. It turns out there is a catch, and for some people, it won't be worth it to get the house now that they know what they have to do.

"A Minnesota woman is selling her historic home for a whopping zero bucks. But the lucky homeowner will be stuck with the costly task of moving the darn thing due to zoning issues," reported Fox.

“It’s gonna cost $50,000 to move it, and $150,000 to fix it up,” says the owner, Barbara Kochlin. “So, I’m not giving away some hidden gem.”

The home previously belonged to Kochlin's grandmother. She inherited the property from her grandma when she passed away. Now, she is trying to offload it.

"The four-bedroom house also has no space for parking, being on the side of a winding road against a steep hill. And that’s the rub: since the house is zoned for commercial use, it has to have ample parking, which it physically can’t. Kochlin says she’s tried to fight the city’s stance on this, to no avail," wrote Fox.

The house is still in pretty decent shape. It needs some renovations and TLC but is overall a unique and historical home. For the right person, it would make a great project.

Kochlin opened up about the offer. She realizes it is going to take a lot of work. However, she hopes the new owner will find it worthy and appreciate the home's rich architecture.

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