Witness Recalls Powerful Moment Shooting Victim Died Singing 'Jesus Loves Me'

April 30, 2018Apr 30, 2018

On Sunday, April 22, a tragedy took place at a Waffle House in Nashville. A gunman stormed the diner early in the morning and opened fire on several people.

The suspect was 29-year-old Travis Reinking. Sadly, several people were killed and injured before someone was able to stop the gunman. Four people were killed and many others injured.

Eventually, someone in the diner was able to wrestle the gun away from Reinking. At that point, the shooter shed his only layer of clothing that he was wearing, a green coat, and ran away from the scene. Police spent many hours searching for the naked suspect until he was finally caught.

Now, a powerful yet tear-jerking story has emerged from the tragedy. One of the survivors of the attack recalled a moment that they will never forget.

The survivor had recounted the story to Waffle House CEO Walt Ehmer. At the funeral, Ehmer talked to the family of 21-year-old victim DeEbony Groves.

Ehmer said, “We went and visited with the survivors, and they talked about the people who were in that restaurant before what happened happened, and specifically remembered your daughter.”

He continued, “And [they] spoke of your daughter and her friend, and said they were singing gospel songs. And everybody was singing and enjoying each other and she said, ‘The last thing I remember her saying was, singing ‘Jesus Loves Me.’’”

The CEO then used the story to offer words of encouragement to those who had lost their loved ones. He noted the power of faith during times like these. 

He said, “You will get through this because I know by watching this is a very strong, faith-filled community.”

What do you think about this powerful story? Please be praying for the family of DeEbony, as well as everyone else who lost loved ones in this senseless crime. Share your prayers and thoughts here! In other recent news, an actress and former "World's Most Beautiful Girl" just passed away suddenly at 52.