WITNESS Of Fatal Crash Involving Church Bus Said Driver Admitted To This!

March 31, 2017Mar 31, 2017

On March 29th, 20-year-old Jack D. Young drove his pickup across the center line in what would be the most costly moment of his life. After swerving on the highway in Uvalde County, Jack eventually crashed into a New Braunfels Church bus, killing 13 congregants.  

A witness reported that Young had been TEXTING behind the wheel.  

The witness Jody Kuchler, who is a welder from Leakey, said he spoke with Jack Young while he was still pinned in his crunched pickup after the crash.

"He said, 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I was texting on my phone," reported Kuchler, 55.  

"I told him, 'Son do you know what you just did?' He just kept saying, 'I'm sorry," recalled Kuchler. 


Kuchler said Friday he repeatedly called authorities to report a white Dodge pickup swerving and drifting onto the shoulder of the road as well as across the center line. He warned the dispatcher that he feared a head-on collision.

While on the phone with the dispatcher once they had approached the Real County line, they responded, "That's not Real County."

"I told him we're talking safety here and they need to get him off the road," Kuchler said.

Kuchler's girlfriend used her phone to film the Dodge pickup, which was in front of them, but the video stopped recording before the truck hit the church bus. 

Kuchler explained, “The bus was coming around the curve and the guy drifted over across the yellow line. The driver of the bus moved over to try to avoid him, but there was nowhere to go with the guardrail there and the truck hit him head on."

Kuchler also said he tried to comfort a few of the senior citizens in the bus after the crash who seemed to show signs of life, but said it was clear most of them had been killed. 

Jack Young remains in the hospital but his family has declined interview requests

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