Willie Shares The Surprising Way John Luke Acted As A Child

February 09, 2016Feb 09, 2016


If you think about John Luke from "Duck Dynasty," you probably think of a funny, easy-going (though a little offbeat) guy. But Willie, his dad, says it wasn't always so.  In a chapter on self-control in Korie's latest book "Strong and Kind," Willie shares a snippet of raising John Luke:

"When John Luke was young, he could throw some great fits--I mean, I'm-going-to-make-life-miserable-for-everyone fits.  When we would go to grab him, he would arch his back in such a way that it was hard to hold him.  I knew he was fighting for control.  In his fight for control he became out of control, as people often do.  He wanted someone to notice how out-of-control he was as he tried to gain control of some situation he wasn't happy about."


So what did Willie do? Because the John Luke we see today isn't that kid Willie is describing. And people (most often) don't just change by themselves. And that's Willie's point: he, as all parents do, had to correct that behavior so it didn't turn into who John Luke was as an adult. Willie describes how he would respond when this happened:

"Whenever John Luke started blowing a gasket about something, I would take him and hold him.  As John Luke would twist and contort himself like a little human pretzel, I applied what I like to call "the daddy straitjacket." I wrapped my arms around his arms and held him tightly. The more he fought, the less I would let him move. This was a simple way to let him know that he was not in control and that we, his parents, were not going to let him throw a fit just because he didn't get his way.  The whole process only took about five minutes before he wore himself out. Usually  he would fall fast asleep."

Willie added, "Both of my boys seemed to struggle more with keeping themselves under control more than my girls. Hmm, I'm not really surprised by this."

Willie and Korie's point in writing their chapter on self-control is to show how important a trait it is to teach children. Do you agree? What are ways that you have taught or been taught self-control? Why do you think it is so important? Let us know in the Comments! We want to hear from you!