Willie Robertson Stands Up To Religious Persecution

October 27, 2015Oct 27, 2015


Especially since the same-sex marriage ruling, Christians have noticed the fire turned up on their faith. Kim Davis. The couple who was sued for refusing to make a wedding cake for a same-sex wedding. And most recently, Joe Kennedy, a high school football coach who faces losing his job for praying after the game.

Fortunately, (conservative) America's First Family, the Robertson's of Duck Dynasty, still stand for faith and the freedom of religion. In a recent interview with Fox, Willie Robertson shares his indignation for the religious persecution Christians are facing  both here and around the world.


Talking about Coach Joe Kennedy, Robertson said: “What is this country coming to where like the coach out in Washington can’t say a prayer… I’m kind of with the Founding Fathers of the country who were strong believers that you know this whole country was founded on our Christian faith and so they didn’t shy away from it, I won’t shy away from it and if you get fired, you get fired. Some things are worth losing your job over."

So nice to hear that from a very public figure! We need strong Christians like that to stand for our faith in the media. And while things are heating up for Christians here, Willie's heart breaks even more for those in the Middle East who face far worse circumstances than us.

Talking about statements Trump made that caught his attention, Willie said, “One of the things that he actually says, you know, people are over there getting their heads chopped off who are Christians -- and that has bugged me… I didn’t hear a lot of talk about that… I hurt for these people all over the world who are getting persecuted."

What do you think of Willie's comments? Do you agree? Disagree? If you were faced with the decision, would you willingly lose your job for your faith? Share your thoughts in the Comments! And if you agree with Willie's stand for religious freedom, share this article!