Willie and Kori: The KEY To Living Out Our Faith In The Limelight Is...

March 10, 2016Mar 10, 2016

For Willie and Kori Robertson, being in the national limelight is as normal a part of life as catching frogs in the swamp.

Amazingly, the "Duck Dynasty" stars have maintained their down-to-earth personas and their strong commitment to expressing their faith despite fame, fortune, and the pressures of pop culture to conform. How do they do it?


According to the Christian Post, the duck-hunting couple live by the motto that "being real is more important than being perfect."

For Christians living in the limelight, it can be tempting to either hide their faith or hide their imperfect natures, but for Willie and Kori, that's not the way they promote their beliefs. Rather, they try to put the focus on God instead of themselves.

Kori said, "From the very beginning, we still remind ourselves [of] this often, is that it's not about us. Like, this show, this success, this fame — any of it — is not about us. It's really about giving God the glory and pointing people to Him, and shining a light in this world."

And when people are scrutinizing their lives, Willie and Kori emphasize family unity, working together, and good character despite the mess-ups of life.

NewSpring Church's Pastor Perry Noble summarized the Robertson's beliefs about being real in family life, saying, "Parenting isn't just about saying what you value; it's about living out what you value."

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