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William and Harry Left in Tears After Finding Out Father's Awful Secret that He Kept Hidden From Princess Diana

July 25, 2018Jul 25, 2018

Prince William and Prince Harry have had to face some tough challenges in their lives. They had to endure the loss of a parent at a very early age while navigating through life in the spotlight.

Sadly, a new story about their past is causing old wounds to open up. According to the Daily Mail, Harry and William were devastated to learn about a secret their father had kept from them and their mother.

According to the Daily Mail, "Two months before the death of the Princess of Wales, Prince Charles decided it was time to tell his boys about the woman he loved. He sat them down together and tried to explain how Camilla Parker Bowles had re-entered his life — after a youthful love affair — and made him deeply happy. When he’d finished speaking, William and Harry were very quiet."

Details about Princess Diana's heartbreak over her husband's love interest were hard to handle. It was also discovered that a beautiful bracelet that Diana thought was for her, was actually for Camilla.

"They dated back to the early days of her relationship with Charles when she’d happened to come across a gold bracelet that Charles was planning to send to Camilla. On it was a blue enamel disc with the initials GF, which stood for Girl Friday — his nickname for Camilla. Diana, however, was convinced the entwined initials stood for Fred and Gladys, the pet names she imagined they called each other," reported the Daily Mail.

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