William And Harry Feuding, Meghan Being Laughed Out Of Hollywood And More

Rumours and gossip are flying about the British royals this holiday season. From Prince WilliamPrince Harry Rivalries over who is the most popular prince Meghan MarkleHollywood laughing out loud, and the royals furious over a new biography of Harry and William. We’ve gathered the hottest royal gossip of the week.

Prince Harry and Prince William Secretly Compete with One Another

A recent edition Neue IdeaReports claim that Prince Harry and Prince William have been fighting for years in silence. A new documentary chronicled the brothers’ struggle growing up in the public eye and how Harry was always jealous of William’s popularity. But now that the tables have turned and Harry’s popularity skyrocketed past William’s after marrying Meghan Markle, Harry couldn’t help but feel vindicated. Click here to learn why.

Meghan Markle Angry at the Royals with Her Appearance on Ellen

Allegedly, Markle’s old Hollywood peers are cutting ties with her after witnessing the charade. “Her desperate bid to boost her Hollywood brand failed miserably,” another tipster explains. “It may be the final nail in her career coffin.” And even Queen Elizabeth is turning her back on the Sussexes. “Meghan and Harry may think only of their new cash-chasing life but the queen is hell-bent on saving the monarchy and won’t allow toxic royal rebels to destroy that,” an insider reveals. To learn more, click here. 

Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth Furious Over Harry’s New Book?

According to Neue IdeaCharles, William and William are enraged by the upcoming biography Brothers and Wives. The book claims Charles is the anonymous royal who famously questioned what Harry’s then-upcoming baby would look like. The book also threatens to reveal more family secrets, so the royals aren’t thrilled. You can read more about it here to see the reactions of Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth to this book that casts shade at the family.

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