Wikileaks Release Reveals MORE Examples Of Hillary, Mainstream Media In Cahoots

October 12, 2016Oct 12, 2016

As Wikileaks continues to release Hillary Clinton-related e-mails this week (see "7 DAMAGING Things Leaked By WikiLeaks About Hillary Clinton"), the examples keep piling up of Hillary's campaign working hand-in-hand with the mainstream media to give her an unfair edge in the presidential race.

Among the examples is evidence that the New York Times gave Hillary veto power over which quotes to print, according to LifeZette. In another e-mail, CNBC can be seen giving Hillary's campaign political advice for dealing with the rise of Ben Carson, according to Fox News. Fox News also discovered that Hillary's campaign worked with a Politico reporter to create their news story lineup — another gross violation of journalistic ethics.

But an e-mail exchange that is really getting attention today is an incident back in March when then-CNN contributor Donna Brazile, who later replaced Debbie Wasserman Schultz as head of the Democratic National Committee, actually gave Hillary a sneak peak at a question about the death penalty ahead of a town hall event in Columbus, Ohio where she faced off with opponent Bernie Sanders.

According to the Daily Caller, Brazile denied the authenticity of the leaked e-mails and accused Wikileaks of being an arm of the Russian government.

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