WikiLeaks BOMBSHELL Shows Close Tie Between Hillary's Campaign, Putin

October 14, 2016Oct 14, 2016

Hillary Clinton has persistently excoriated Donald Trump for praising Vladimir Putin as a strong leader, saying Trump is enamored with Putin and will put Russia's interests ahead of America's. But one of the newest WikiLeaks bombshells reveals a close tie between Hillary's campaign and a Putin-funded energy company.

According to Breitbart, a leaked e-mail exchanged involving Hillary campaign chairman John Podesta confirms that he transferred 75,000 common shares to Joule Unlimited, which is heavy funded by Putin's administration. Not only that, but Podesta also joined the board of that company.

Trump's senior communications advisor Jason Miller said that the news is alarming, writing in a statement, “The disclosure that Clinton Chair John Podesta transferred his shares in Putin-backed Joule Unlimited to an anonymous holding company when he joined the Obama Administration is extremely concerning. Because the holding company is completely anonymous, we do not know whether or not he still has deep financial ties to Vladimir Putin and his regime. As such, Mr. Podesta needs to either reveal who is behind the holding company or he must resign from the Clinton campaign immediately.”

Podesta is also being accused to breaking the law for not officially disclosing his foreign connections to U.S. government when he joined Obama's administration as the president's senior adviser. All of this has fostered allegations of backdoor dealings to gain political favors and a cozy relationship with a frenemy that Trump — not Hillary or Obama — has been accused of being too enamored with.

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