Wife of Pastor Murdered, Found Dead and Stuffed in Church Storage Closet

August 29, 2017Aug 29, 2017

The wife of a late Kentucky pastor was found dead on Thursday in a storage room inside the fellowship hall of the Kentucky Baptist church that her husband pastored. According to Christian News, police have determined that her death was a homicide. 

Ruthie New, 70, was found dead after family members contacted authorities to report her missing. Jeff Griffith, who is the current pastor, decided to check the church, and found the body inside the storage closet in the fellowship hall, a building used for social functions. 

“She had a genuine passion for the upkeep of the church and served faithfully as the church custodian. She enjoyed spending time with her grandchildren and family, as well as walking in her neighborhood," reads the obituary according to Christian News.

The autopsy was finished on Friday, and it was determined that she had been killed several days before. Her body likely remained for several days before it was found in the storage closet. 

It is reported that the 250-member church is in shock as a result of the incident. The funeral was held Monday, and a special service in her memory was conducted on Sunday. The community is having difficulty dealing with the news.

“The funeral today, and our Sunday service, it seemed to help us make meaningful steps in the right direction,” said a church attendee according to CT. “We’re just praying, and other churches across the country are praying for us, and we’re making it.”

“Everybody’s in shock. We’re praying for the family and friends. She was well-loved and beloved by all—[a] 70-year-old lady that was just nice and sweet and loving,” said the man who officiated the funeral. “When we see these kinds of hideous crimes, it makes us back up and realize that we’re living in troubled times.”

The killer has not yet been identified.

Let us pray for all of those involved in this tragedy – for friends, family, and the community. In breaking news, new developments have surfaced in the controversy over televangelist Joel Osteen's refusal to admit stranded victims of Hurricane Harvey into his mega-church.

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