Hollywood Socialite, Wife of America's Favorite Singer Dies

July 25, 2017Jul 25, 2017

Barbara Sinatra, wife, mother, Hollywood socialite, and wife of legendary singer Frank Sinatra, died on Tuesday morning in the comfort of her home. The 90-year-old passed away nearly 20 years after her beloved husband’s death.

Barbara and Frank were married in 1976 and were together for 22 years. While Frank had been married three times before, he considered Barbara the love of his life, and his marriage with her outlasted all of his other relationships.

Before Barbara was married to Frank, she was a prominent socialite. She modeled, played tennis often, and traveled. The two had built a friendship, but nothing more. When Frank and Barbara got together after failed marriages, their friendship quickly blossomed into love.

In an interview with the Desert Sun, Barbara said, “I’ve tried to analyze it. I think it’s because we were friends before anything romantic happened. He would call and chat, but it wasn’t romantic until later. It’s something you can’t explain why or how it happened.”

Barbara’s philanthropic efforts dramatically increased after marrying Frank. The Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center, which is an area in the Eisenhower Medical Center dedicated to helping abused children, became her most notable contribution. 

Barbara established the foundation in 1986 and supported it through the Frank Sinatra Celebrity Invitational Golf Tournament. Frank Sinatra performed shows at the invitational from 1989 until his final performance ever in 1995. 

Barbara was known as “Lady Blue Eyes” and developed a legacy beyond simply being “Mrs. Frank Sinatra.” She planned benefit concerts, helped children in need, and was an advocate for many. 

Barbara passed away at her Rancho Mirage home in California. She had reportedly been experiencing declining health and died peacefully.

Children’s Center Director John Thoresen said, “She died comfortably surrounded by family and friends at her home.”

Please be praying for Barbara’s family and friends in this time of grief. If you loved Frank and Barbara Sinatra, let us know on Facebook. Did you hear about the country singer who was just killed in a tragic car accident after her final concert? Read more about her story here.

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