Why This Student Says Your 'White Privilege' Is A 'Sickness' That Needs A Doctor

April 12, 2016Apr 12, 2016

One of the newest campaigns of the young leftists that dominate college campuses is to shame white people into checking their "white privilege" and acting less white.


A recent example is a student editorial in Iowa State University's student newspaper claiming that white privilege is actually a sickness that needs a doctor to be treated and a total eradication to be cured.

The student gives four symptoms for this "disease:"

  • You can get your hair cut wherever you want.
  • You can walk into the supermarket and find your favorite foods.
  • You can see yourself positively portrayed in the media.
  • You can speak your native tongue without getting looks or comments from other people.

In other words, this student seems to be saying that something is wrong if you're able to function normally in your own country.

This beg's the question: If an ethnic minority in America visits the country of their ethnic origin where they can freely participate in commerce, find foods they're familiar with, see people who look like them all the time in the news, and speak the dominant language of their country...does that mean they have a sickness, too?