Why The Passing Of Phyllis Schlafly Is Important To YOU And The Presidential Race

September 06, 2016Sep 06, 2016

This past Labor Day, while most Americans enjoyed a day off from work surrounded by their families and presumably something hot off the grill, the conservative world mourned the loss of Phyllis Schlafly.  Touted as a conservative icon whose insights and outspoken opinions effected millions of Americans, Schlafly was a foundational stronghold to the conservative branch of the Republican party. 

She understood the American family to be the building block of life in America and worked tirelessly to defend its values.  During a time when Ronald Reagan was not thought to be an “authentic” conservative, Schlafly saw the same visions as Reagan and was outspoken in her advocacy for his nomination.  For years, her opinion has helped fight the liberal left and positively shape the views of conservative voters, both young and old.

Keeping true to herself, even at the age of 92, Schlafly was a major endorser of Donald Trump.  She said he “smelled like Reagan” and believed he is the only candidate to stand in stark contrast to Crooked Hillary and the liberal agenda.  On Monday, Donald Trump said he was “honored to spend time with her during the campaign as she waged one more battle for national sovereignty”. 

Phyllis Schlafly will be greatly missed but her legacy lives on in the votes of every conservative.