Why Students Across America Have Declared That Women Have Been Betrayed

July 30, 2015Jul 30, 2015

Even before the third and probably most disturbing-yet video of Planned Parenthood's callous fetal tissue harvesting, pro-lifers across the country said: Enough is enough.


On Tuesday, national pro-life group Students for Life of America (SFLA) and its partner organization Pro-Life Future invited people across the country to rally to demand their states investigate, prosecute and defund Planned Parenthood, under the initiative #WomenBetrayed, according to a recent breitbart article.

SFLA chose that initiative name because, “Planned Parenthood has betrayed the very patients – women and their children – who they claim to care about and have compassion for," according to a press release.

Kristan Hawkins, SFLA president said, “Women are supposed to help and support other women – not use them for profit and sell the body parts of their prenatal children. Planned Parenthood gets a half a billion a year in taxpayer dollars. We are calling on every state and federal government to cut off those funds immediately and investigate Planned Parenthood for possible wrongdoing.”

The SFLA says the Planned Parenthood videos show “only the latest infraction in a long list of horrific behaviors, including the covering up of statutory rape, the over-billing taxpayers, the aiding and abetting sex traffickers, scheduling sex-selective abortions and accepting money to abort African American children.”

And despite mocking from the left (Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. said, “Good luck. We’re dealing with the health of American women, and they’re dealing with some right-wing crazy.”), many powerful figures and scores of pro-lifers showed up voice their dissent, according to US News.

Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, and Rand Paul all attended rallies at one of the 50 locations across the nation.

Dr. Rand Paul tweeted, "Today we take a stand. I have good news. The Senate will vote on defunding Planned Parenthood! #WomenBetrayed."

Senator Ted Cruz tweeted, "I call on Congress today to stand up and lead and to Defund Planned Parenthood #WomenBetrayed."