Why Rush Just Said 'Don't Be Depressed' Over Clinton Email Decision

July 05, 2016Jul 05, 2016

Following the news today that FBI director James Comey has recommended no charges for Hillary Clinton despite rebuking her for being "extremely careless" in using her personal e-mail for classified and top secret information and acknowledging that her actions would typically result in prosecution, conservative talk radio show host Rush Limbaugh had words of warning and a call to action:

Rush acknowledged that it's easy to be disappointed that this e-mail scandal hasn't destroyed Hillary's bid for presidency, but he said the fix was in from the get-go — the Obama Administration was never going to let Hillary be indicted.

Rush said everything that is happening here is part of the Clintons' playbook strategy. They want you, the conservative voter, depressed.

Rush explained, "I think one of the things they relish doing is using instances like this to get people on our side all hopped up and eager and excited, thinking that there's gonna be an actual, in this case indictment or some form of punishment, and they always skate, and people get deflated and depressed and they throw their hands up and despair and say, "I'm through with it. I'm finished. I don't care. It doesn't matter what I do. It doesn't matter how I vote. They're gonna win no matter what we do.'"

But then Rush gave a call to action. He said now is a great opportunity for Donald Trump and other GOP leaders to prosecute Hillary politically.

He explained, "It's gonna be up to them to make campaign issues out of all these things, the lack of concern, the laziness, whatever charges you want to make about her unfitness and her lack of attention to necessary detail, her unqualified status, if you will, since there will not be any official action."

Trump was already quick to blast the FBI's decision on Twitter.