Why Red States Give More to Charity

April 08, 2015Apr 08, 2015

A new analysis from The Chronicle of Philanthropy shows a shocking connection between charitable giving and political party affiliation, reports this Washington Post article.  What really stood out to the Post: "Of the states that gave the most to charity in 2012, the top 17 all voted for Mitt Romney that year. The bottom seven states in giving voted for Obama."

What is the driving motive behind this generosity? Religion, the study concludes.  According to a study recently done by Gallup, the states at the top of the giving list are also the most religious.

And this generosity was not thwarted by the recession, a shock to many analysts.  In fact, the Washington Post reports that "States that saw high poverty increases versus the national average -- that is, more poor people -- were more likely to see increases [in charitable giving]."

In other words, those hit the hardest within highly religious states were the most generous to charity. Conversely, those spared the highest heat of the recession in blue states, such as Connecticut, held back the most.

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