Why Obama, Hillary Want A 'Christian Nation'

December 31, 2015Dec 31, 2015

President Barack Obama and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton want a "Christian Nation," but they want one where Americans look to their own inner goodness rather than Christ's transformative power.

According to columnist Wallace Henley in a Christian Post piece, this secular humanism is seen in Obama and Hillary's quest for environmental stewardship, a severe reduction in gun violence, a great lessening of greed and poverty, the elimination of hate, and a widespread increase of love.


At the November climate conference in Paris, amidst doomsday predictions, Obama optimistically declared "nothing will deter us from building the future we want for our children. That future is one that we have the power to change. Right here. Right now."

In a December speech in Iowa, Hillary called on America to "do everything we can to weed out hate and plant love and kindness."

Both Obama and Hillary entreat us to work toward a better future, but they look to us to solve the problems of today solely by our own efforts. And they believe that increased laws and taxes, along with an ability deep inside us to tap into love instead of hate, will create a better America.

But Henley points out that people will always find ways around regulations in order to give into their sinful nature. Merely forcing people to follow your rules or encouraging them to simply be good will always fail. The only thing that can truly give us a better society is the transformative power of Christ.

Henley declares, "Secularists want the blessed world and societies promised in the Bible without the God of the Bible. They want the dream without the substance and foundations. All they create is more nightmares of oppression. ...Many contemporary politicians and their minions want the City of God without God, the fruit of Jesus' Kingdom without Jesus, the transforming work of the Holy Spirit without the Holy Spirit, and absolute truth without absolutes.

Obama and Hillary, like many politicians, want the benefits of a "Christian nation" but don't encourage us to seek the Christ who makes such a nation possible and blessed.