Why New Hampshire Could Be A Very Different Ballgame For Cruz

February 02, 2016Feb 02, 2016

Ted Cruz undeniably knocked the ball out of the park last night with his 27.6% win over Donald Trump at 24.3% and Rubio at 23.1%. His winning campaign strategy included visiting all 99 counties in the state leading up to last night's Iowa GOP caucus.

But according to the Washington Post, his momentum coming out of the Hawkeye State may not be enough to carry the day in New Hampshire's primary Tuesday, Feb. 9 if he isn't prepared for a huge battle.


Cruz has expended fewer resources in the Granite State, but a bigger factor is that he'll have fewer evangelical voters to rely on than he did in Iowa. A lack of evangelicals in New Hampshire has been blamed on both Mike Huckabee's and Rick Santorum's losses in that state in the past two presidential nomination cycles after they won in Iowa.

Which GOP candidates do you think will be the top three winners in New Hampshire? In what order?