Why Korie Thinks America Has Lost It’s Way

October 31, 2015Oct 31, 2015

Korie Robertson, star of Duck Dynasty, was recently interviewed by Fox.  She was asked about her new book and about the state of America.

When asked if she think that America has lost it’s way, Robertson replied, “I think we've gotten a little bit confused about right and wrong, what is important. While we might say we value things like honesty and hard work and self-control and patience, we're not really living like that's what we value. We might say that's important but if you're not living it then your kids aren't seeing it, and they're not going to live it either. It's more than just saying it. It's actually living it.”

Robertson was also asked about Social Media and the effects it has on people.  She said, “Yes, I think it's a huge part of it. Those worldly values like what you look like, how much money you make or how successful you are, sometimes it seems more important because you're just seeing it all the time, comparing yourself to others, and that can be detrimental. You have to look at what's inside a person not just what the picture shows.”

Read the whole interview here.