Why Is This Dad Urging Fathers To Break The Law?

April 21, 2016Apr 21, 2016

If your wife or daughter walked into the bathroom, and you saw a big burly man go in after her, what would you do? Blaze blogger, Matt Walsh, has a pretty strong stance on what he would do. He writes his blog in light of the numerous cases ruling in favor of transgenders to use the bathroom of their choice. With these new laws, the obvious will (and already has) happened: men will prey upon women and children in public bathrooms and showers.


Walsh writes in his article, "The culture is going down the toilet in a hurry, so it probably behooves any man to determine how he might respond should he be in a position where he witnesses an obvious man trying to enter the facilities after his wife or daughter. Yes, I’m sure you never thought you’d have to game plan for such a scenario, but here we are, so let’s figure it out."

He urges husbands and fathers to stand up for the women they love and protect them. "I cannot tell you what to do, but, in my opinion, this would be a time where good men can ignore the law. It doesn’t matter if the law allows the gender confused man to do what he is doing. It doesn’t matter what an appeals court, or the Obama administration, or the ACLU, or anyone else says on the matter. The laws of man may say that a dude has a right to take his pants off in front of your wife, but the laws of nature, of decency, of morality, of common sense, all say the opposite. I would consider it my responsibility to enforce those laws, especially if my wife or my daughter’s privacy, safety and dignity are at stake."

What do you think of Walsh's words? As a man, do you agree with them? And as a woman, would you appreciate a man standing up for your protection? Let us hear your thoughts in the Comments! Thank you!