Why Is Our Military Unarmed?

July 19, 2015Jul 19, 2015

Why are our Armed Forces unarmed?  That is the question that this Fox news article raises.



The Marine recruitment center in Chattanooga, Tennessee that was attacked on Thursday by a cowardly gunman was a “gun free zone”.  On the front door and in plain sight was a sticker labeling it as such.  The terrorist was therefore able to easily pick out defenseless targets.

The Marines are some of America’s bravest and finest soldiers tasked with defending America’s freedom throughout the world.  It is outrageous to think of the Marines being left unable to defend themselves here at home.  There were no options for them to fight off their attacker, the best they could do was to try and hide.

If they had been properly armed, those brave Marines would have most likely neutralized the coward quickly before additional lives were lost.  Our servicemen and women need to be able to defend our country from terrorist attacks both abroad and at home!

Do you agree?  Does a “gun free zone” make sense for our military?  We would love to hear your thoughts!