Why Hundreds Of CRIMINALS Flocked To Joel Osteen's Church This Weekend

April 27, 2017Apr 27, 2017

Pastor Joel Osteen's church partnered with the city in a really cool way this weekend. Harris County Commissioners and the local district attorney’s office approached Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas to ask if they would host an event helping non-violent offenders to settle their legal charges. 


Some 400 people showed up, and other members of the public were also invited to get free legal advice concerning immigration and child support, reports FaithWire.

Osteen's church said it wanted to host the event because they "believe in second chances." And the event was a huge blessing to the community and to law enforcement.  

“This is a great opportunity for thousands of people to resolve their outstanding warrants and make a new start,” Rodney Elli, Harris County’s Precinct 1 Commissioner, said. “This event also benefits law enforcement agencies by allowing them to clear warrants without the expense and risks involved in arresting people on minor offenses.”

What a great way for the church to be a blessing to the community! Do you agree?