Why Does Trump Keep Winning Evangelical Support Over Cruz? FASCINATING Poll May Answer Why

March 14, 2016Mar 14, 2016

Many Christian voters may wonder why Donald Trump continues to win evangelical support despite so many of their churchgoing friends and big-name evangelical leaders opposing him.


According to Vox, a poll by the evangelical firm Barna Group may reveal why.

The poll from last month found that 32 percent of Christian Republicans are willing to cast their vote for Trump in the primaries, while only 13 percent are committed to Ted Cruz. But when you add a second criteria to Christian Republicans being polled, the results get turned on their head.

When voters were asked if they'd been to a church in the past week, 30 percent of those who had been to church also favored Cruz while only 24 percent favored Trump. Depending on the accuracy of the poll, this may show a political divide between a number of the self-identified Christians who regularly attend church and those who may not.

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