Why Does Ted Cruz Wear Two Watches? The Internet Wants To Know

February 09, 2016Feb 09, 2016

"Why does Ted Cruz wear two watches?"

As innocuous as that question sounds, a lot of people want to know, making it the No. 4 top Google search for today according to Google Trends. Among the other questions asked about Cruz on the eve of the New Hampshire Primary is No. 5: "Is Ted Cruz a Democrat?"

If you do a Google image search for "Ted Cruz two watches," you'll find numerous examples. But does anyone know why he wears two? Is one always set on the primary timezone of Texas? Or did one of them miraculously stop working at the moment of Ronald Reagan's passing from this world?


Apparently the question bugged enough people to elicit a reporter and photo editor for The Atlantic to do a detailed scrutiny of the abundance photographic evidence.

They were quickly able to conclude that only one of the straps on Cruz' wrists has a watch face on it. The strap on his right wrist appears to be just that — a strap. A closer examination of it determined that it is most likely...a FitBit.

That rather anti-climatic answer does fit — no pun intended — since last August, in a stellar Washington Post article entitled "What Ted Cruz has in common with Britney Spears," the Texas senator showed off the fitness device, which he wore on his left wrist at the time. Cruz said pacing a lot during his stump speeches helps increase his FitBit step count. He also said keeping fitness in mind is important on a campaign trail paved with pizza.

As ridiculous as this inquiry into the fashion of a presidential frontrunner seems, apparently it's on the minds of many who are seeking answers on a man who has a halfway decent shot at becoming the next leader of the free world.