Why Does Rush Limbaugh Say Trump has Become So Popular?

February 04, 2016Feb 04, 2016

Whether you like him or not, you must acknowledge that Donald Trump's rise this year has been phenomenal. He was not even considered a serious candidate a year ago, and now he is leading most polls while many other candidates have dropped out.

What explains his rise? Is it just that he is a celebrity? Rush Limbaugh, who has observed the conservative scene for many years, offered this as one possible explanation — and it makes a lot of sense.

He said Donald Trump has become a vessel for what Rush calls "The Frustrated." He said, "The Frustrated have been dying to express their outrage at practically everything. Their outrage at Obama, their outrage at the Democrats, their outrage at Washington, DC, their anger at the Republican establishment for not stopping it."

What do you think? There is a lot of merit in Rush's explanation. Many Americans are sick and tired of what patriotic and conservative Americans have been enduring, and they are looking for a champion who will overturn the established order. Will Donald Trump be that person?