Why Do So Many People Support Donald Trump? Here Are 3 Reasons

August 20, 2015Aug 20, 2015

Two months ago, people were saying Donald Trump didn't have a chance.  He was just a celebrity who would quickly fade in his run for the presidency.


Now, he is leading in all the polls.  The polls -- like us voters -- can be fickle, so "the Donald" could certainly fade away and there are many months to go until the primaries.  But for now, he has a strong lead -- and here are 3 key reasons many people support him.

1 -- He is unafraid.  Donald has managed to antagonize many groups so far but he seems unafraid to take them on.  Many Americans -- even if they may not agree with everything he says -- want someone who will speak truth to power.

2 -- He is pro-American.  People believe he will stand up for America in international trade and in supporting jobs for American workers.

3 -- He can't be bought.  We have seen articles or news clips about the tremendous influence of money in politics, and how many politicians spend so much of their time raising money.  "The Donald" has one main donor to keep happy -- himself.

So stay tuned -- this campaign can change in a matter of hours!  But for now the Donald appears to be in the lead.