Why Did This Muslim Leader Praise Trump's Plan?

December 10, 2015Dec 10, 2015

The mainstream (meaning liberal) media would have you believe everyone hates Trump and his plan.  Why does this Muslim leader think Trump's plan does not go far enough?

Sean Hannity just interviewed a leading Muslim leader—who thinks Trump's plan does not go far enough!  In an interview the Imam Alsayyed from the Islamic Center in Triplex, Texas, said he felt Americans did not truly understand the depth of Sharia law.

Alsayyed said that committed Muslims do not just have a religion, they have an all-encompassing belief system that can affect law, politics, and morality.  Americans sometimes think religion is a private part of someone's life, confined largely to Sunday mornings.  The Imam said Islam is a complete world view and that many committed Muslims are just not ready to buy into the freedoms we take for granted in America. 

So while Donald Trump's proposals call for just a temporary halt to Muslim immigration, the Imam is saying that, on an ongoing basis, new Muslim immigrants may need to learn the American way which is very, very different than living under Sharia law.