Why Did Candace Cameron Bure Say 'You Can Roll Your Eyes at Me' on 'The View'?

February 04, 2016Feb 04, 2016

On an episode of "The View", the subject came up about evolution. As reported in CNSNews, Candace Cameron Bure defended intelligent design and was met with eye rolling from co-host Joy Behar.

Talking about Dr. Ben Carson, Joy said "He doesn't believe in evolution, he doesn't believe in science."

Candace responded, "I take issue with that, that doesn't mean he is a dumb man or unintelligent. And you can roll your eyes at me..."

Joy said she wasn't rolling her eyes; she just turned her head.

The conversation continued. Candace said, "There are many people and great scientists that are all over the world that believe in intelligent design...To say that someone that believes in intelligent design does not believe in science is silly. The two are compatible."

Co-host Paula Faris also defended creationism: "My father and my brother are scientists, my sister is a biologist, and they all believe in creationism. The Bible says we are fearfully and wonderfully made."

It is wonderful to hear Candace and Paula standing up for a Biblical viewpoint on "The View"!

Watch a short clip of the debate below, which begins around 0:45 seconds: