Why Christians Should Be Especially Concerned With Hillary's Vice President Pick

July 25, 2016Jul 25, 2016

Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, as Hillary Clinton's pick for vice president, has worked hard to purport himself as a man of deep faith, but former Navy Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt of The Prayer In Jesus Name Project is reminding Christians of an assault on their faith by Kaine eight years ago.

In 2008, the Washington Times reported that Kaine ordered the Virginia State Police chaplains to only offer nondenominational prayers in the department, excluding the name of Jesus. Six chaplains refused and resigned.

Klingenschmitt was one of a number of Christian leaders calling on Kaine to rescind his orders.

“We’re asking the governor to reverse his policy and reinstate the chaplains and let them pray in Jesus’ name,” Klingenschmitt said at the time.

According to another story that ran in 2008 in The Virginian-Pilot, Klingenschmitt added, "There is no policy. They just gave a verbal order to these chaplains and they were forced with two choices: You disobey the orders of the police chief or you deny the name of Jesus Christ. Well, no wonder they resigned."

Klingenschmitt said that he led a 1,000-person rally against Kaine to get the policy reversed, but that it wasn't reversed until the next governor — Bob McDonnell — got into office and was pressured by a 17,000-signature petition.

Klingenschmitt himself lost his career in 2005 when he prayed in Jesus' name while wearing his military uniform. He was said to have violated military policy. He fears a future where Kaine is vice president if Hillary is elected as president.