Why Christians In Toronto Are Public Enemy # 1

November 09, 2015Nov 09, 2015


Can you imagine the government telling Muslims they couldn't publicly pray to Allah? Or Buddhists that they couldn't display their faith? Of course not. That would be heresy in our culture. Yet, it is becoming increasingly normal for Christians to have their hands tied and mouths shut by the state.

Franklin Graham shares in a latest Facebook post what just happened in Toronto.


According to the Toronto Sun, Voices of the Nations, the Christian group that had held an annual peaceful multi-denominational worship event for nearly a decade, was denied city approval because they would be "proselytizing." The actual definition is trying to convert someone to a religion--which the event gatherers do not do. Nevertheless, the town square's event manager, Natalie Belman said, "It doesn’t matter if it’s speaking or singing. Either way, ‘If you’re praising Jesus’ and ‘Praise the Lord’ and ‘There’s no God like Jehovah’ — that type of thing — that’s proselytizing.”

Toronto Christians are fighting for the event, with a petition circling with already 23,000 signatures. But the fact remains that this type of targeted discrimination is absurd! No other group is issued such contempt--it would be viewed with incredulous indignation for being "intolerant!"

The Toronto Sun's writer points it out clearly:

"What’s striking, though, is the temerity with which this gathering is being given the boot — the conspicuous anti-Christian spirit shrouding the whole debacle. Can you imagine a city official saying such a thing to a Muslim or Jewish group? 'Sorry, singing about Muhammad is forbidden.' Public outrage would be deafening and for good reason. The public square belongs to the public, including people of all religious, ethnic, cultural and political persuasions."

"The fact of the matter is no other group has been given the same line. Almost daily, Muslims, Buddhists, members of the LGBT community and Hindu groups share their beliefs in that very city square."

"So why the ban after five years of permits and predictable peaceful praise? Why this group specifically? Because the illegal suppression of VOTN is simply another chapter in this nation’s history towards a new normal: Content-based censorship of Christians."

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