Why Candace Cameron "Loves" The Atheists' Anti-Church Billboard

December 16, 2015Dec 16, 2015

You may have heard about the billboard discouraging people from going to church this Christmas, paid for by the American Atheists. It has many people inflamed, seeing as it is placed in a predominantly Christian area in North Carolina.


But Candace Cameron Bure, an outspoken Christian on The View, thinks it's actually a great opportunity for Christians like herself to share the gospel.  The Christian Post reports that when asked if the billboard offended her, Bure responded, "You couldn't feed me something better to say to have a conversation that would then lead into sharing the gospel message."

She went on, "Them just even saying, 'Go be good!' I would then say, well, 'What is good and what is the standard of goodness to you? What is God's standard of goodness?' I love that they put this billboard up, because it gives me the ability ... to have that conversation."

Another co-host, Raven-Symone, said she was not offended at all by the billboard because she agrees with it. But Bure used that opportunity, just as she had said, to share the truth from the Bible. 

"What's the standard of goodness?" Bure asked. "In the Bible, God's standard is the Ten Commandments...God says if you've disobeyed one commandment ... you've disobeyed all of them. So, if God's standard is different by which he judges the world, then that's where the argument of only 'being a good person' leads to the Gospel."

You can see a clip of the segment.

Here's a statement by David Silverman, the president of American Atheists, defending their billboard: "We want people to know that going to church has absolutely nothing to do with being a good person. The things that are most important during the holiday season — spending time with loved ones, charity, and being merry — have nothing to do with religion."

What do you think? Are you offended by the billboard or do you, like Bure, think it's a good opportunity for conversation about Jesus? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments! Thank you!