Why Benghazi Will Follow Hillary Clinton For The Rest Of Her Political Career

October 20, 2015Oct 20, 2015

The terrorist attack on the American embassy in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012 will follow Hillary Clinton throughout her presidential campaign and far beyond.  She has claimed that the congressional investigation into her role in the Benghazi attacks is strictly political. 


While the Republicans are embracing this golden opportunity to go after the top nominee of the rival party, it is not without merit.  The Benghazi investigation is larger than any one candidate.  It is about the honesty required of our elected officials as well as the safety of our country’s public servants when operating in harm’s way.

Remember back to September 11, 2012 when the American embassy in Benghazi was attacked and 4 Americans lost their life, including ambassador Chris Stevens.   Do you remember who the Obama administration and the mainstream media blamed for the attacks?

To refresh your memory, the attacks were said to have been a spontaneous response to a short film, “Innocence of Muslims.”  A group of people, offended by the anti-muslim short film uploaded to youtube, took their anger out on the ambassador and his staff.

As it turns out, it was a highly coordinated and pre-meditated terrorist attack.  Eventually, the media and the administration acknowledged it as such.  By why was the lie allowed to linger for so long?

The administration finally conceded that it was an act of terrorism.  The reason that the investigation has haunted Clinton for the past 3 years is because it could have been prevented.  Not in the vague sense that every crime could be prevented with enough vigilance, but in the sense that Ambassador Stevens recognized in the months prior to the attack that he was facing severe security threats.

According to Fox News, Stevens saw that the conditions were deteriorating in Libya and requested a ‘minimum’ of 13 security personnel so that he could travel in safety to continue doing his job.   In the year prior to the attack, there had been 50 security incidents in Benghazi alone.  One such incident was an assassination attempt on the British ambassador’s life.  A rocket propelled grenade struck his vehicle and he barely escaped with his life.

Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, oversaw all of the ambassadors.  With so many security breaches in Libya prior to the terrorist attack, Clinton needs to answer to Congress and the families of the slain Americans as to why the ambassador’s repeated requests for security personnel were denied.

With such negligence and mismanagement by the state department under Clinton’s watch, this preventable terrorist attack will continue to overshadow her campaign and will be attached to her name as long as she remains in the political arena.