Why A Texas High School Is REFUSING To Honor Its National Honor Students

June 01, 2016Jun 01, 2016

A high school in Plano, Texas is choosing not to honor its National Honor Society recipients during its graduation ceremony, and it's all being done in the name of fairness.

According to WFAA, Plano Senior High will still acknowledge its own honor students, but when it comes to commemorating graduates who have achieved the high grades and completed the community service required for nationwide honors, the school will not allow them to wear the special white satin NHS stoles on their graduation robes even though National Honor students at nearby Plano East and Plano West High Schools can.


When questioned about the new rule, school officials say they didn't want other students to feel left out.

NHS recipient Garrett Frederick was frustrated by the answer, saying, "I was really looking forward to wearing it and being able to say I was a part of it, because I have friends that go to [the other schools], and they're all wearing it. So it's like, I don't know why we're not allowed to wear it. I don't get it."

"It's kind of a national thing that's recognized," Garrett added, "so I don't know why just Plano can't recognize it."