Why You Need To Be Freezing Your Potatoes Before Baking Them

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of potato-based meals. I was intrigued to learn how Chef Lucas Sin made roasted sweet potatoes even more delicious. Chinese street food is baked sweet potatoes, which are usually found in winter. Sin stated that they are “the perfect snack, and also super nutritious.”

Sin was quoted in his Instagram highlight tutorial, “Yeah, it’s just a whole roasted sweet potato, it’s not elevation, it’s just what Chinese people have been doing forever.” So, what’s the secret?

Freeze before you roast 

Sin said in order to “do them properly” first you’ll wash your sweet potatoes, then, “chuck” them into the freezer before you bake them. Sin also said that freezing the potatoes “crystallizes the water inside the potato, without puncturing the skin, in effect macerating the flesh inside out.” To get the perfect caramelization on the outside and fluffy potato pie-like texture on the inside, Sin advised to cook them at high heat after freezing them.

You’ll wait a few hours, then preheat your oven to a high temperature–Sin suggested 450°F. Depending on the size of your sweet potato, bake them for 40 to an hour until the sugar bubbles out of the potatoes. He claimed you can’t ReallyOvercooking potatoes can cause them to lose more sugar. You know it has reached “caramelization” when that happens.

You can eat them as is, or “jazz them up with sauces and toppings” to make an even more delicious treat.


  1. Wash/scrub sweet potatoes.
  2. Keep sweet potatoes frozen for at most two hours
  3. Preheat oven to 450°F.
  4. Line baking pans with parchment papers.
  5. Sweet potatoes can be roasted for 40 to 1 hour, depending upon their size.
  6. For potatoes to be caramelized, the skin should be pulled away from the flesh.
  7. You can add toppings to your order or leave it as is.

If you want to turn this recipe into an “easy, wholesome dessert,” Sin suggested adding a sauce of créme fraîche and spiced honey. He said to use any toppings that are “tasty and textured.” He opted for toasted oats, sesame, coconut, and candied almonds.

Sin then added some salt and raw dark sugar to top it all. Sin said, “actually yeah it is kinda elevated. Look at this bejeweled vegetable dessert.” We’re all heart-eyes over here. Sweet potatoes are going on the shopping list, and we’re excited to try this hack for the perfect snack.

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