Why There Are Rumors That Kylie Jenner Has Already Given Birth

Kylie JennerShe is still pregnant. This shouldn’t be news but rumors have swirled recently about her secretly giving birth. Here’s what went down.

Clearing the Air

If you’ve been on Jenner’s Instagram recently, you’d be greeted by a slew of photos featuring Jenner’s baby bump. In September, Travis Scott and Jenner announced their pregnancy. Jenner’s been open about wanting to have more children, so good for her.

Her announcement of her pregnancy was not without controversy. TikTok experts discovered early that Jenner’s nail polish didn’t match her Instagram posts. Jenner was posting pre-filmed videos of her flat tummy so people wouldn’t know she was expecting. Some believed that Jenner may have concealed the birth.

Wait, What?

Emily Schwartz is one of Tiktok’s foremost detectives. In a video that’s been liked over 500 thousand times, she studied paparazzi photos to try and find what Jenner was hiding. She also pointed to Jenner’s flight on an airplane. This could have serious consequences for her pregnancy. If Jenner wasn’t actually pregnant, then this would not be a concern.

The question at play here is when the baby would be due. Jenner did not take a photo during the ceremony. Keep up with the KardashiansFans believe she knew about her pregnancy in mid April, making it a reunion special. Nine months later, she should be due anytime now.

The Rabbit Hole

The conspiracy theory gets more complicated every day. Jenner was absent from her family’s Christmas party, so fans thought she may have given birth before that. Travis Barker posted a picture of a baby bottle a few days later. Could it have been for Jenner’s second child? Well, we don’t know.

In a new, absolutely current Instagram story, Jenner proved she’s still pregnant. She continued the story by sharing highlights from her December Baby Shower. Connecting these bread crumbs can get addictive, especially since Jenner’s been unusually private since the Astroworld tragedy. When she does finally give birth, she’s probably going to post a very popular photo to mark the occasion.

This conspiracy theory is the reason people talk about how successful the Kardashians. Many of the eagle-eyed fans are obsessed with Jenner taking photos and if her nails match in some photos. All Kylie Jenner’s done is live her life, and everyone’s talking about her.

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