Why the Royal Family is Banned From Playing a Popular Board Game

Monopoly is the most popular board game. You won’t catch the royal family playing, however. Queen ElizabethThe legendary game has been banned from family gatherings. Find out why you won’t find a copy of the game in Buckingham Palace.

The Queen’s Gambit

While Monopoly has been an iconic game since it first appeared way back in 1935, it’s not in the closet at any of the queen’s many homes. In December 2008 Prince Andrew (who has been very busy latelyHe attended the opening of the Albion Street headquarters in Leeds. After leaving, he was presented with a brand-new copy of Monopoly. Some onlookers were surprised that he declined it. It gets even more amazing from here. Andrew then took a moment to explain that he (and the rest of his family) are “not allowed to play it at home”.

It seems the underlying reason The Firm isn’t allowed to play Monopoly, per the queen’s order, is because they get “too vicious” when they play the game against one another.

Monopoly of Monopoly

The truth is, anyone who has ever played Monopoly can attest to the fact that board games that take nine hours to play and involve doing taxes for “fun” generally end up getting frustrating rather quickly. And it’s pretty easy for fights to emerge among players.

Imagine tension rising to a thousand as someone tells Queen Elizabeth that she can’t go and must be taken to jail immediately. Or perhaps the queen telling Meghan Markle that she doesn’t have enough money while laughing maniacally and looking directly at Harry. It’s easy to see how it could quickly get ugly if you visualize it.

So for that reason, the royal family isn’t allowed to play Monopoly for fear it would end in bloodshed. This is how your family game night turned out.