Why Ted Lasso’s Juno Temple Doesn’t Want to Look Like Keeley Jones

Juno Temple
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You should swig the tea! Ted Lasso’s Keeley JonesAnd Rebecca Watson aren’t the only ones who like to have a little “goss” session. Juno Temple and Hannah Waddingham, who play the leading ladies on the Apple TV+ series, can often be found bonding in the hair and makeup trailer on set — alongside beauty stylist Nicky Austin.

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“They’re so passionate. Both of them. … It’s a massive collaboration,” Austin exclusively tells Us Weekly. “I’m constantly talking to them about what should we not do for this episode, but for this scene. What would Rebecca do if she got out of bed to put her hair up? Or would she just let go of her bed and just look natural? Is she wearing her war paint today? Is she putting on her businesswoman’s face today? We do talk about all that.”

Nicky Austin Instagram Juno Temple Why Ted Lasso's Juno Temple Doesn't Want to Look Anything Like Keeley Jones

Nicky Austin and Juno Temple
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Waddingham, 47 and Temple, 32, both want women viewers to feel comfortable with their looks. “Hannah’s spoken openly about how much she cares about Rebecca as a character and as a symbol to other women and middle-aged women. Juno as well,” Austin adds. “It’s so important to her that we put a lot into the look. A lot of it isn’t really her. And it’s really important to her that young girls know that. That she wears her extensions, she wears false lashes, that she has false nails, that she doesn’t wake up in the morning looking like Keeley Jones. That’s really important to her, which is why she likes the whole behind the scenes stuff. She likes us to show people what we do.”

Hannah Waddingham and Juno Temple Ted Lasso Relatable to Women Viewers

Hannah Waddingham and Juno Temple
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Temple’s Keeley has perhaps the most eccentric style on the show. Bold eyeshadow colors for the eyes, bold hair accessories, and statement jewelry are just some ways that Keeley transforms into her spunky and driven character.

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“We really think about all of Keeley’s looks a lot, depending on what mood she’s in, depending on what’s happening in the scene. I pay attention to costume. We coordinate and try to mix it up. Every look should have a Keeley vibe. She’s probably in the chair for quite a long time,” Austin explained.

Juno Temple Ted Lasso Relatable to Women Viewers

Juno Temple
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And one, of course, can’t forget her extensive hair collection. “She has a lot because her hair color has changed over the three years. I’ve got all her hair from season one. Then I’ve got her hair from season two,” she told UseShe revealed that Temple and she even named each piece. One wig called “Watford” was used in the reopening scene in season 2 and has been reused for season 3, which is currently in production in London.

Jason Sudeikis and Juno Temple Ted Lasso Relatable to Women Viewers

Jason Sudeikis, Juno Temple
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“Watford is a place just outside London and there’s a shopping center where I bought the hair. So we named it Watford,” Austin revealed. “Then we have a piece that’s called ‘Wedding’ because I literally wore it to my wedding. My wedding hair matched her so perfectly that we ordered her a new one, but it’s the same thing. We don’t go and buy designer hair. Some of Juno’s hair is from Amazon. We buy ponytails off Amazon and they’re just perfect. She loves that. She loves that it’s accessible. She likes to tell the fans what she’s putting in her hair so they can go and buy it themselves. Juno’s tinsel, so many people wanted it and messaged me. I was like, ‘Go on Amazon, it’s there. It’s 10 bucks! Get it.’”

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Although Waddingham’s style for Rebecca is strikingly different than Keeley’s, the same care and thought goes into creating the look of the AFC Richmond owner.

Jason Sudeikis and Hannah Waddingham Ted Lasso Relatable to Women Viewers

Jason Sudeikis, Hannah Waddingham
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“Hannah’s all natural. Both of them are, but Hannah, especially for her age range, she doesn’t have cosmetic work done to her face. She has makeup, but she doesn’t want it to look like something unrealistic to what a middle-aged woman could achieve with her face,” Austin noted. “She’s in the chair for a long time, but that’s because we’re talking, we’re gossiping, [talking about] what we should and shouldn’t do. Applying makeup to her [takes]Maybe half an hour. It’s not massively long.”

Austin was a part of the Jason SudeikisSince its debut in 2020, it has been a series of creator-created series. While working with Temple and Waddingham has been a highlight for her, a bonus is that Warner Bros. and Apple have been “really supportive” when it comes to her “personal stance” on using cruelty-free products.

Cast Why Ted Lasso's Juno Temple Doesn't Want to Look Anything Like Keeley Jones

Brett Goldstein, Hannah Waddingham, Jason Sudeikis, Juno Temple and the cast and crew from “Ted Lasso” pose with their awards during the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards, at L.A. Live on September 19, 2021 in Los Angeles, California.
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“I don’t really have any kind of budget constraints. They just want it looking the best it can. I have a wonderful partner in crime as the costume designer. Jacky [Levy], she’s fantastic,” she told Use. “It can be slightly costly to only use products that don’t test on animals. Warner Bros. was supportive and embraced that idea. I appreciate that. It is a lot of work to prepare a show with so many cast members. It’s quite a lot of work. I have an amazing team.”

Ted LassoAlso stars Sudeikis Brendan Hunt, Nick Mohammed, Jeremy Swift, Phil Dunster, Toheeb JimohAnd Brett GoldsteinRecently, he teased that season 3 was being written as a series final.

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