Why Summer House’s Kyle Cooke Revealed Legal Woes on Season 6

Spur of the Moment! Kyle CookeHe shared his Loverboy legal troubles with us Summer House season 6, noting that it wasn’t planned.

“I didn’t mean to blurt out my legal woes,” the 39-year-old reality star exclusively told Us WeeklyNBCUniversal upfront presentation, Monday, May 16, at 6:00 p.m. “Sometimes … my cup has runneth over and I just — I don’t think people appreciate [my openness].”

The Maryland native admitted that not all of his achievements were good. Summer House costars can “necessarily relate to like what I’m going through” with work, but it’s not in his nature to hold anything back.

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“Sometimes I’m honest and sharing to a fault. Like, no one needed to hear that,” Cooke explained. “It’s highly personal, but, yeah, I’m taking big risks expanding Loverboy, taking it nationwide.”

The businessman, who launched his beverage company in 2018, confessed that “A lot of people see me show up on the weekend — and I’m here to have fun — and they don’t necessarily stop and ask, ‘Well, how are you doing?’ You know, ‘Is everything OK?’”

Cooke added with a dry laugh: “And I’m like, ‘Well, I’m filming two TV shows, I’m planning a wedding for the third time in COVID, I’m expanding [Loverboy] — I just took out $4 million of debt. Uh, no, I’m actually losing my mind.’”

He noted that in the moment he “just wanted to overshare” because he had hit his limit. “I just needed some people to cut me some slack,” the entrepreneur told Use.

Season 6 Summer HouseCooke suffered a panic attack during filming of the movie in summer 2021. He was stressed out by the stress of planning his and Amanda Batula’s wedding while keeping Loverboy afloat.

During the April 18 episode, Batula revealed that he was having multiple legal issues involving his business, which was making Batula’s 30 year-old relationship with Batula even worse.

“I’m in a lawsuit. I’ve spent $200,000 on legal fees this month. I’m $4 million in debt with the loan for my business. Everything is on the line,” Cooke told his Hamptons housemates during the show. “Every day of my f—king … the last three years [have] been stressful.”

The Winter House star pointed out at the time: “When you’re running a company, when you’re trying to, like, plan a wedding. I’m doing everything. … I’m doing a thousand things a minute. I’m like, ‘How much more can I do and f—king give?’”

Cooke has been involved, to date in three legal disputes. All of these have been resolved. Night Shift Distributing, LLC, was the latest to be involved in Cooke’s troubles. It filed a grievance with Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission (January 2021) after Loverboy Inc. cancelled their contract.

Loverboy then filed a complaint against Night Shift’s distributor in May 2021. Both cases were dismissed by Cooke and Batula before they tied the knot on September 2021.

Part two Summer House’s season 6 reunion airs on Bravo Monday, May 16 at 9 p.m. ET.

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