Why Selling Sunset’s Emma Hernan Bought Home With Ex Peter

Emma Hernan.
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Invest in her future. Selling SunsetStar Emma Hernan revealed why she and ex-fiancé Peter CornellRecently, we bought a home in Los Angeles together.

“We bought it as an investment property,” Hernan, 31, exclusively told Us Weekly at the Create & Cultivate Small Business Summit 2022 in New York City on Saturday, October 15. “You know, there was at some point, the thought [of]Maybe we will move in together. Will we? I think I’m very open about where him and I are, and I don’t always know. I’m very open about where him and I are.”

Hernan says the pair’s romantic relationship can be described with the classic Facebook status “it’s complicated.” She added that it’s “not the right timing” for the real estate duo.

“Am I gonna end up with Peter? I don’t know,” Hernan told Use. “But right now, it’s just a friendship and a business relationship, and we do a lot of business together. So, if you see us spotted out and about, it doesn’t mean that we’re together.”

Hernan and Beverly Hills were never going to live together, but she was open to the idea of other options, including moving in with her.

“So, for me, it was one of those things where maybe I would move into it or maybe we’d rent it out or maybe my family would stay there,” she revealed. “It was kind of undecided, but we thought it would be a good investment. And actually, there’s some news with that coming soon. So I may not have it forever.”

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Emma Hernan and Peter Cornell. Christine QuinnBoth dated Cornell, 46. Quinn claimed that they had been dating for months, and that Quinn was engaged to Hernan.

“I found out about [Christine]The day that I met her. It was not pleasant,” the Boston native recalled on the show. “I was leaving the gym with who I thought was my boyfriend and she pulled up with her friend and was like ‘Who the f–k’ is this?’ and started screaming ‘This is my boyfriend.’”

Quinn has since married a software engineer. Christian RichardIn 2019. They welcomed Christain to their family in May.

Meanwhile the Emma-Leigh & Co founder shared some insight on where she and the real estate investor currently stand.

“Peter is definitely still in my life to a certain degree,” she told Use. “He’s been in my life for almost six years now. So I think when you have that close of a relationship with somebody, they just become somewhat like family.”

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