Why Kathy Griffin Says She’s Being ‘Slowly Uncanceled’

Comedian Kathy Griffinis commenting on cancel culture. A recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! the actress talked about how she has bounced back from being “canceled” by the public. She’s now appearing in the new season of HBO’s Search Party

Griffin: ‘I’m Going To Get Un-Cancelled’

“So you guys know I’m canceled, right? Like, I was like, canceled, canceled,” Griffin said. “And so I’m very slowly getting un-canceled. It’s funny to me that people are afraid of me now. Did you see that Paul Gosar recorded a video of me, and I was again in the news? So anyway, I think I’m going to get un-canceled. I think I’m an actress again, guys.”

The star was the target of internet ire in 2017 after she posted pictures of herself posing with a sculpture of former president Donald Trump’s severed head. The backlash was quick, with Trump himself tweeting, “Kathy Griffin should be ashamed of herself. My children, particularly my 11-year old son Barron, are having a difficult time with this. Sick!” Griffin claims the photo was political satire. 

Rep. Paul Gosar is Under Fire for His Post

The photo is still a topic of conversation today, particularly in light of one of Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar’s social media posts. Gosar posted a video where he and other far-right members of the House are edited into a clip from an anime show, in which they kill a monster with New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s face. Another character they are fighting is President Biden, which is also edited into the video. 

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Griffin is among many who are comparing the two incidents and wondering why Gosar isn’t facing the same level of public backlash she did. However, some are calling for Gosar’s removal from committee assignments, like Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was. After a series videos showing her encouraging conspiracy theories about 9/11, harassing victims of a school shooting, and supporting violence against Democrats in Congress, she was removed from her committee assignments. She has since apologized for some of her comments, but not all.

Griffin’s Role In HBO Show

The comedian also spoke out about her final season on the show. Search PartyShe appears on the show as a conspiracy theorist in the episode “The Younger Audience”, where she says she is grateful for her appearance. 

“Apparently, the young kids don’t know that I’m a ‘terrorist,’” Griffin laughed, using finger quotes. “You know the MAGAs think I’m a terrorist. They don’t even know that stuff, they watch the TikTok.”

Griffin’s fans and friends are glad to see her in the spotlight again, especially after she announced that she was diagnosed with lung cancer. Griffin underwent surgery in August to remove half of her left lungs. She is still recovering from that operation.

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