Why I Wasn’t at Sister Jill Duggar’s Baby Shower 

Jessa Duggar
Courtesy Jessa Duggar/Instagram

Fake drama Jessa DuggarIs putting an end to speculation that she has missed her sister Jill Duggar’s baby shower due to a brewing feud — insisting it was simply a logistical issue. 

After their cousin died, the rumors began. Amy DuggarJill, aged 31, was invited to a baby shower by. Photos were shared via Instagram on Thursday July 7. 

“It was so fun celebrating this new life!” Jessa, 29, commented, which prompted fans to question why the 19 Kids and Counting star wasn’t in any of the snaps despite being in attendance, even doubting any of the Duggar siblings were present for the bash. 

“Please let’s not assume there’s a negative motive behind everything we do and do not do,” the TLC personality replied, adding, “These rumors make me angry, and I’m here to put a stop to it. These comments are false. Simply not true.”

Jessa went on to confirm she was present at the shower, noting that “pretty much everyone else was out of town” due to their hectic summer plans and that “you cannot always coordinate 19+ schedules.”

“We spend plenty of time together even if there aren’t photos circulating on the internet to prove it. … Not every gathering has to be a photo op,” she argued, before concluding the lengthy post with a plea to “quit spreading hate.”

Amy, 35, later came to her cousin’s defense, confirming that “we had a beautiful turnout and enjoyed just being in the moment!”

“There wasn’t any drama and Jill was glowing!” the Maryland native wrote on Wednesday. 

This isn’t the first time Jessa has stuck up for her family on social media. In January, Jessa shut down trolls who believed she and her husband were fake. Ben SeewaldSpurgeon, her son, is now 5 years old, and Henry, 3 years old. Fern, Ivy and Fern are her daughters. Michelle Duggar had gifted her a home. 

“That is so stupid and an outright lie,” the Growing up a DuggarResponding to the allegation, author wrote. 

Jill, for her portion, was previously in trouble with her family after she left TLC’s series after six seasons.

“It was a really difficult decision but something we knew that we really needed to do for our family,” she said during a September 2020 YouTube video. We don’t regret leaving the show.”

Four months later the first responder only told Us WeeklyThey were not all happy with their decision.

“There’s been some distancing there. We’re not on the best terms with some of my family,” she explained at the time. “We’ve had some disagreements, but we’re working toward healing definitely and restoration, but we’re having to kind of just take some time and heal.”

Jessa’s clap backs come in the midst of her brother Josh Duggar’sChild pornography conviction. Arkansas native, who was convicted on two counts of child pornography receiving and possessing in December 2021 was sentenced to 151months in prison on May 25, roughly 12.5 years. After his sentence is completed, the father of seven will also be eligible for 20 years of supervised freedom.

Use confirmed on June 28 that Josh had been transferred to FCI Seagoville in Texas – a low-security federal correction institution that is about a five-and-a-half-hour drive from his hometown of Tontitown, Arkansas.

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