Why I Keep Bryan Abasolo Marriage Private

Bryan Abasolo, Rachel Lindsay
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Protecting her love story. Rachel LindsayShe tells fans why she remains in a relationship with her husband Bryan AbasoloTake a look at the (Instagram Grid)

“Everyone is always asking ‘Where is Bryan?’” the 37-year-old former Bachelorette captioned an Instagram post on Thursday, July 28, directing her followers to a blog post for more details on where Abasolo, 42, has “been hiding.”

The attorney penned a lengthy update on her Honestly, Rach site titled “#RnB Public vs Private,” which spelled out her decision to put a smaller spotlight on her marriage in the public eye. “The most common questions I get on social media are: where is Bryan and when are you having babies?” she wrote. “Now, I have addressed the later question on a previous #honestlyrach, but it is time I tackled: where is Bryan? Bryan isn’t my business. I am joking … well, half joking.”

Lindsay noted that she understands “the curiosity” about her romance with the chiropractor given the duo’s history on reality TV. After falling in love during season 13 of the show, the couple were married on August 19, 2019. The BacheloretteThey have remained close to each other since then.

“In a reality television world that is designed for your relationship to fail, we survived and came out on top,” the Bachelor alum continued. “So quite naturally, the audience wants to know what we are doing, if we are okay, and what is next for our future. They want the love story to continue for their public perception. Our contractual public story ended August 7, 2017. At that point, we decided that we wanted to control the future of our relationship.”

She explained, “Up until that point, the confines of our relationship were determined for us. Now, we were free and decided to forgo the public eye to create a solid foundation. We did it successfully. So, it is interesting to me that people want to define the success and happiness of our relationship by the number of social media posts, comments, likes and stories we post.”

The Texas native argued that leaving her personal life off of social media helps her and Abasolo “stay true to who we are as a couple” and avoid the “trap” of only sharing the positives with fans. “Social media is not a reflection of reality,” Lindsay reminded readers.

“I remember at the beginning of our relationship we found ourselves concerned about how we were acting in public and continuously felt the pressure to perform for social media because that is what the people wanted,” the former GhostedThe host concluded. “It was miserable and we were slowly drifting away from the core of Bryan and Rachel and forming into the RnB narrative that that world created for us. We resolved to never do it again. So, when the days, weeks, and maybe even months go by without a social media post of Rachel and Bryan … don’t worry. We are fine here in private, cherishing our love and building a better future.[s] social media.”

The twosome have been criticised a lot since their appearance on ABC’s dating series. Lindsay defended being a bicoastal husband and maintaining her long-distance relationship in November 2020. “For us, you know, we know how to work this out and navigate it, and obviously we have an end goal in mind. This is not a forever situation,” she exclusively told Us WeeklyOf splitting time between California or Florida. “The reason that we decided to let people in on that is because there was so much speculation about whether or not we were still together. … We’re trying to, like, soak up all the time that we can have with one another.”

The Miss Me with ThatDespite fan speculation, author and Abasolo have maintained their relationship as the priority, even when there was speculation. The doctor shared more details about how the couple keeps their romance alive earlier this year.

“I think we’ve just grown so much together,” he said on Use‘ “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast in June. “Obviously, we were engaged for a couple years. Now, we’ve been married for a couple years. We have a brand new house, our dogs, and our future plans include children. We have a lot of exciting things going on. Our careers are flourishing, we’re both in a good place.”

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