Why Hoda Kotb Wasn’t On ‘Today,’ Social Media Last Week

Fans of the Today ShowThey were concerned when they noticed that the morning show was missing for a few days. Hoda KotbShe was also silent on social networks. Kotb, however, was back Monday and filled in for her cohost. Jenna Bush Hager, in on what she’s been up to over the past few days.

Where has Hoda Kotb been hiding?

“We missed you!” Hager told her cohost at the start of their segment. “I missed you, too!” Kotb responded. “I loved seeing you walk in, it felt like Christmas morning.” Kotb revealed she had been away on a retreat, saying “I have been to this retreat and they take your phone away. That was one of the things.”

“And I’ve got to tell you,” she continued. “Of all the things, after going almost ten days without it, it was so funny as I walked out back into the world and what I noticed is that everyone was hunched over their phone.”

She continued, “And no judgment as me too, right, but I looked around and every single person was hunched. And if you had slept for 30 years like Rapunzel, you would know that when you woke up, everyone’s looking at this tiny box and holding it like it’s gold.” 

Kotb Plans To Use Her Phone Less

“I was looking around and I asked myself the simplest question, ‘Was I happier with it or without it?’ and I was happier without it,” the mother of two told Hager. Kotb admitted that she uses her phone for work and communication with friends, but she said she plans to use it less. 

The morning show host stated that she has tried to reduce her screen time but given up. However, this time she is determined to put her phone down. “You know how I usually have the fad of doing it? This isn’t that. This isn’t that fad. This is a real thing, and I realized that I feel different.”

She even gave her cell phone to a stranger! Today Show crew member so she didn’t feel the urge to get on her phone at work. “I feel so free and so clear,” she told Hager. Kotb’s new outlook on life made Hager consider putting her phone down more, too.

Fans of the show were happy to hear Kotb’s absence was for a positive reason. While she was not present on the show and social media, viewers flooded her comments with messages. “Really missed you this week!’ one person wrote. ‘Hope and pray all is well. We love you, Hoda girl!”

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