Why Gary Oldman Had To Relearn To Speak With A British Accent

Gary OldmanHe is a chameleon. He’s morphed into Winston Churchill, Sid Vicious, and Lee Harvey Oswald, among many others. He had so many performances that he lost his native British accent. Here’s what happened.

From humble beginnings

Oldman is the son of an alcoholic seaman and grew in London. After watching Manchester United, Oldman became a big fan and decided to go into acting. The Raging Moon. Malcolm McDowell captured his attention. He was a theatre goer for many years. 

After a small role in 1982’s Remembrance, Oldman’s big break came as the lead in the 1986 cult classic Sid & Nancy. He was praised and received some of the first awards in his career. John Lydon of Sex Pistols, who was even a part of his success, recognized him. hated the biopic, called Oldman a “bloody good actor.” The role catapulted Oldman into superstardom, and he never really turned back.

Hollywood Is Not In England

In the early 1990s, Oldman moved to Hollywood. At 63, he’s essentially spent half his life in the US. His children were born in America, but not always with Oldman. There’s an ugly history of domestic abuse between Oldman and his ex-wife Donya Fiorentino. Gulliver Oldman, Gary’s son, has come to his father’s defense. In any case, his accent changed over the years living in the States.

Life Abroad: He Lost His Voice

Oldman made his debut on the 2014 edition of the Graham Norton ShowTo promote Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. He also discussed the curious case of his voice. He said, “I have lived in America for so long…my kids are American and that’s what I hear around me every day and occasionally weird sounds that I don’t notice slip in. I had a voice coach. I had to brush up my English.” 

That’s right: Oldman had to work with a dialect coach to procure a proper British accent. His cadence was filled with American twang, so it was eliminated. He would hit the occasional hard “r” or another odd noise would emerge. Oldman then displays his mastery by using an Australian accent that is halfway decent.

What’s He Up To Now?

Oldman is always in demand. The Academy Award winner will be appearing on AppleTV+ Slow Horses. Olivia Cooke stars in the thriller. Tomorrow Never DiesJonathan Pryce is the star. It is expected to arrive sometime in 2022, although no release date has been set. Oldman might have needed a second coach to help him learn dialects again, since it is set in England.

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