Why cold water swimmers might be onto something – FFA

A deep dive into research on the advantages of chilly water swimming has discovered that it might assist burn physique fats and beat back diabetes. 

Chilly water swimming aficionados have long-championed the psychological well being increase offered by an icy plunge.

Now researchers from the Arctic College of Norway (UiT) have discovered encouraging hyperlinks with brown adipose tissue, a kind of ‘good’ physique fats, which burns relatively than shops vitality, and is activated by the chilly. 

Their review of 104 studies additionally discovered that publicity to chilly water or air stimulates adipose tissue to provide the protein adiponectin, which protects towards insulin resistance, diabetes and different illnesses.

They cautioned that extra work was wanted to verify their findings, suggesting that winter swimmers could possibly be naturally more healthy because of their energetic life-style and constructive mindset.

“From this assessment, it’s clear that there’s growing scientific assist that voluntary publicity to chilly water could have some helpful well being results,” mentioned lead writer James Mercer, from UiT.

Chilly water swimming does include some dangers, nonetheless, together with chilly water sock and hypothermia by way of extended publicity. Novices are suggested to start out slowly, hold the swim temporary and by no means swim alone.

Major picture: Halfpoint/iStock