Why Ben Savage Isn’t Hosting ‘Pod Meets World’ With Main Cast

Cory Matthews is taking an umbrella check. Ben Savage’s former costars Rider Strong, Danielle FishelAnd Will Friedle revealed why the actor isn’t hosting the “Pod Meets World” podcast with them in an exclusive interview with Us Weekly.

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“We have been talking about this podcast since 2019, it was Rider’s idea. It was Rider’s idea. We talked about it all together when he brought it up. It was something that we all discussed back and forth. What’s the best way to do it because that was before the ‘Office Ladies.’ It was before this was its own genre,” Fishel, 41, explained on Monday, June 27. “And so we talked about all the different ways we could do it. And at the end of our conversations, Ben said, ‘I just don’t think it’s for me.’ And we get it. So we’re respecting his decision. And if he eventually wants to come on, we’ll leave that door open.”

Friedle, 45, added: “I hope he wants to come on.”

Ben Savage
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“For right now he said, ‘Have fun. It’s not for me,’” Fishel noted.

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“Pod Meets World” launched earlier this week as the trio officially kicked off rewatching the very first episode of the beloved family series, which ran for seven seasons from 1993 to 2000. As the costars and longtime friends revisit their iconic characters — Shawn Hunter, Topanga Lawrence and Eric Matthews, respectively — they will also be joined by some guest stars including William Daniels, Trina McGee, Betsy Randle, William “Rusty” Russ, Maitland DistrictAnd Matthew LawrenceAlong the way.

Why Ben Savage Isn’t Hosting Pod Meets World With Main Cast Rider Strong, Danielle Fishel, Will Friedle

Ben Savage and Rider Strong, Danielle Fishel and Will Friedle
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“[This show]My teenage years were spent on the show. From 12 years old to 19 years old, I was on the program. I’m looking at this as opening a time capsule. I’m kind of digging through the time capsule and letting whatever emotions come to me, kind of come to me for the first time,” Fishel told Use. “This podcast is really giving us an opportunity to quiet everything else and really focus on this.”

“I wanna take that answer,” Friedle joked. “That’s pretty great.”

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“There’s no other answer,” Strong, 42, chimed in. “The only other thing I would add is that it’s also been already so fun to just be together and hang out every couple of months. Now we’re hanging out once a week.”

“Pod Meets World” is distributed by the iHeartPodcast Network. Follow the podcast for more information.

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