Whoops! Study Reveals How Healthier Food Choices Can Lead To Weight Gain

December 29, 2015Dec 29, 2015

Resolving to lose weight in 2016? Be careful how you go about it, because your quest to take off those extra pounds could pack on reinforcements instead.

According to the UK Daily Mail, a study by the University of Texas looked into whether better food labeling and access to healthy food products helped people lose weight.


Their findings after running tests on a number of participants were shocking:
1. Labeling food as healthy prompted people to eat extra portions, thus consuming too many calories.
2. People assumed that healthy food was less filling and thus ate more of it, consuming too many calories.
3. People found the vast amount of information available on the newer, more highly detailed product labels to be confusing and had difficultly deciphering which food choices had the best health benefits.

Ultimately, if you're not a careful consumer, you can gain just as much weight eating healthy food as junk food.

"The findings suggest that the recent proliferation of healthy food labels may be ironically contributing to the obesity epidemic rather than reducing it," the study concluded.

Of course, you could always stick to generally low-calorie health foods that need no labels and are packed with fiber and vitamins: good 'ol veggies. It's a little hard to binge on those.