Whoops! Planned Parenthood Makes A MAJOR Blunder In Attacking Trump

August 03, 2016Aug 03, 2016

After the Donald Trump critics latched onto another thing he said this week and tried to rake him over the coals for it, Planned Parenthood jumped into the fray to take their own shots at the GOP presidential nominee. But they didn't think their attack through very well first.

According to CNN, Trump was speaking in Virginia on Tuesday when a baby began to cry unceasingly. Trump paused his speech to tell the baby's mother that the crying didn't bother him and that he loved babies.

A couple minutes later, though, when the baby continued to wail loudly, Trump said with a smirk, "Actually, I was only kidding, you can get the baby out of here."

The crowd laughed in response, but the mainstream media and other critics treated Trump's words as an act of extreme insensitivity. Hillary Clinton's running mate Tim Kaine condemned Trump as hateful.

Then according to BizPacReview, Planned Parenthood jumped in on Twitter, writing, "Add babies to the list of people [Trump] would kick out of his campaign rallies."

Conservative talk show Dana Loesch was quick to respond with a tweet: "At least they leave his rallies alive. They never leave your clinics alive, do they?"

Red State contributing editor Ben Howe piped in, "Did you let him know that you guys have a much more efficient way of getting rid of babies?"

Christian writer Matt Walsh added sarcastically, "They're just a clump of cells, right?"

Writer Matthew S. Harrison, one of many more Twitters users blasting Planned Parenthood, tweeted, "Your joking right? You dismember 1800 babies a day. Shut up. You don't get to talk about babies."